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A Story of Happiness

A man who realized that he was not happy all his life said that he wanted to be happy now and started looking. Whatever he did, he was not happy. While they were thinking about who I should ask for help, they proposed a rich sage in a distant land. This wise mind was a wealthy man who was famous for his knowledge and property. Whoever came to his aid would not send him back without answering his questions and finding relief. He decided to ask this sage for help, how to catch happiness. He found the sage after a long journey, but there was a very long line of people seeking relief at his door. He believed that the wise would really give the correct answer to his question, and he began to wait.

Finally, it was his turn and asked the wise how to catch happiness. He thought that if the wise answer this question, the other people in line would get bored of waiting, he asked his men for a spoon and dropped two drops of oil into it, then said:

“Travel all over my palace and come back later, but while visiting my palace, you will carry this spoon in your mouth without spilling the oil.”

The man was a little confused because he did not get an answer to his question, said okay, visited the palace, came wise, looked wise, the oil is still in the spoon, he said:

“Well done, you haven’t poured the oil, well, tell me about the beauties of my palace, what did you see in my palace?”

The man could not be careful about trying to pour the oil and couldn’t say anything. Then the sage said, “It is not okay, without spilling the oil, carry the spoon in your mouth again, this time pay attention to the beauty in my palace, then come again.”

The man said what to do and accepted again. He traveled everywhere, this time impressed by the beauty of the palace. Then he came to the sage again with a spoon in his mouth. The wise asked:

“Have you seen the beauties of the palace, let’s tell.” While the man was describing the beauties he admired this time, the wise interrupted him and said: “Good, but where is the oil?” While the man was walking around the palace, he completely forgot the oil, said to the embarrassed and bored sage: “Well … I poured the oil.”
The wise took a meaningful look at ours and said: “Happiness is to experience all the beauties of life, to enjoy it and to claim its responsibilities like oil in a spoon.” The man rejoiced at reaching the secret of happiness, thanked the wise and left the presence of the sage. ***

We must learn to look at life as a whole. Sometimes we can get stuck in such a small part in a whole that we cannot see the beauties before our eyes. In my work, I once again saw that people, especially in workplaces, cannot see the whole and focus on a negative event and enlarge it too much. There can be very nice people around the person, his salary can be as much as he wants, but he can leave all these beauties and worry about a person or event there. Your whole world can now be watching that negative situation. It is not enough to watch, you always talk about that situation with a friend. Remember, you magnify what you focus on.
Happy person, who blurs the balance as a life acrobat in beauty and responsibilities

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