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Are You Ready To Transform Your Inner Child’s Wounds Into Miracles?

If you did not get enough support from your parents, if you grew up with constant criticism or accusation, you cannot rely on your own mind, your own opinions. If you have a parent with a sense of worthlessness or an alcoholic, if you have been traumatized by abandonment, if you have experienced childhood emotional neglect, if you have been subjected to sexual abuse or any other emotional or physical abuse, your inner child may over time feel as if he does not belong to this frozen world and turn himself off. This can cause problems with trust, attachment, abandonment, abandonment, and inability to empathize in your relationships.

Improving relationship problems starts with understanding why you’re having relationship problems in the first place. If you are the child of a feeling of worthlessness or a narcissistic parent, you may always feel abandoned. This is not fabrication or exaggeration! You really feel emotionally, psychologically and spiritually abandoned. Parents who feel narcissistic or extremely worthless cause great psychological abuse by projecting their own flaws on their children.

To be a healthy boundary adult today, you had to feel safe as a child. Most people have never felt safe. Many people lived in constant panic. Why is that? Why because? He lived in a state of panic, as the people in the house were constantly unstable and their behavior was unpredictable. Unpredictability Anxiety about who will do what at any moment and when will confuse creates weird tension and stress.

Coups become part of daily life. Whatever you have experienced, leave the past and now:


Remember, it may be necessary to suffer to embrace joy, to make mistakes to be wise, and to lose to be thankful for what you have. No matter how painful, tiring, confusing or embarrassing the storm is, they are all for you to win. If you’ve learned, grown, and overcome, you’ve learned your lesson.

Everything you’ve experienced was a teacher. Now that you are here and read this article, you are ready for miracles. Come on then sit in a comfortable place to see yourself in the mirror. You can take it in a mirror if you wish. And take 20 rapid breathing in and out of your mouth, you may feel dizzy, continue this normal. Feel goose bumps and resonate. Your molecular is recrystallized, your frequency is increasing, feel it. And now repeat these sentences looking in your mirror in the mirror ”I accept my hardest but life-changing lessons within myself that I have to learn and accept, and now I choose to turn them into opportunities.

I give up the need to control the things that are taking my life out of control. I forgive myself for saying yes to everything and everyone and I forgive myself for always saying no to myself. I forgive me for glorifying others and devaluing myself. I forgive myself that the problems I have put into my life are caused by not hearing enough messages from the divine system and not listening to his warnings. And I forgive everyone in my life for myself, but most of all, because I don’t know what I know now, I choose to forgive myself and live miracles.

I love myself very much “write thank you for taking the time to heal yourself at the bottom of this post and confirm your self-appreciation.

Thank you for the interest you have shown in my books. You ask for a link to all of them. You can reach them by clicking this link. Reading is not over before I win, life passes to the brave, life therapy and emotional intelligence.


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