Who is Bircan Yildirim

Bircan Yıldırım completed his secondary education in Germany. Bircan Yıldırım, who later graduated from İzmir Buca High School, graduated from Cumhuriyet University, Department of Sociology. After graduation, he was appointed as a permanent philosophy group teacher at the Ministry of Education. He worked as a teacher for many years.

Yıldırım, who sees it as a step of his inner journey, works on oil paintings and occasionally exhibits his works. Shooting short films, photography, reading and writing books are his biggest hobbies.

The properties of our brain have always been of a special interest in the field of human psychology and quantum philosophy, and has continued most of his research in this area. Yıldırım, who participated in different training and seminars in many different cities in order to reach more information, has worked for many years to heal himself with breathing and meditation techniques. He applied his energy studies to himself every day with great care and love. He believes that the happiness of embracing the child inside cannot be explained but can be experienced, and this pleasant journey of discovery will continue for a lifetime. His biggest goal is to bring more people together with the wounded child who is waiting for the recovery and love, and to achieve their real happiness. The statement, “The source of life is love, and only love will save the world” became the main philosophy of life.

The author’s bestselling books ‘I DON’T END WITHOUT WIN, LIFE GETS BRAVELY, LIFE THERAPY AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE’ are the bestsellers that are loved by the readers.

Bircan Yıldırım Kimdir?
Bircan Yıldırım Kimdir?


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