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Boredom is the Mother of All Negativities

The common feature of ministers like dead fish is boredom. They are people who live unpleasant, boring, monotonous, meaningless lives. They don’t want to wake up in the morning, they don’t want to get out of bed, they don’t want to go to work, they don’t want to start the day because they don’t want to live. Our brain gets its share from boredom. Our brain organs slow down over time. Since you do not exercise your brain, you will be mentally in place.

Addictions, alcohol, feeling of burnout, all are directly proportional to each other. Distressed people cling more to addictions. A troubled life causes family miscommunication and fights

can be Family members are so bored with life and each other that the only excitement in their lives can be a fight.

Boredom prevents learning new information. Thousands of students drop out every year because of boring, monotonous education. Or he uses the school for different purposes. Why has so much smoking and drug use in schools increasing in recent years? Or are sexual relations, suicide attempts on the rise? Is it not enough anymore?

Boredom can cause all kinds of accidents. It can cause employees to work with low performance and illness.

One of the secrets of success in life is related to what you do between eight and five in the morning and between five and eight in the morning. People usually work thirty-five to forty hours a week, and in fact, there is plenty of free time they can use during these hours. However, we must know that whatever our conditions are, it is always better for us. Otherwise, we complain about the system, working conditions and parents abundantly. We can’t take action. However, we do not have time to lose individually in such situations. There is movement!

People living with distress can even lead to their own deaths over time. They think they don’t deserve to live in their minds and they fill their minds with negative thoughts. Just as our body is fed with food, our mind is fed by the thoughts we feed it. If the body constantly using alcohol and drugs will manifest itself with diseases over time, the same thing

It also applies to our mind. Our mind fed by negative, troubled, negative, dark thoughts will also be shaped accordingly.

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