Capture the Miracles in 2021

Everything changes in life!

Societies and people are constantly changing! The divine system is a balance based on contrasts! Every breakthrough, from relationships to money, success to career, will take place easily in 2021. 2021 is the year of the 555 frequency and symbols! People have suffered so much so far that they were surprised at what to worry about. Low energetic people trying to make sense of everything that puts their heads on are now truly locked-in because they lived through these feelings to the bottom, and as they could no longer cope with uncertainty, they chose not to focus, either not confront, simply focus on pleasure, or be fed entirely from pain. Remember that miracles are only in the present moment!

Lessons are over now. It’s time to produce! But the system says do not imitate in 2021! Imitation is entering the right of your own servant! It is to ignore your own power! It is more trusting in the mind of the other. Activate your inner power, be original, be yourself! You don’t have to cook that egg just because he’s cooking it that way! Just because he makes that pasta like that, you don’t have to. Cook your eggs and pasta according to your body’s needs! Hear your own voice! Just because he is wearing these, you don’t have to wear what he is wearing.

Listen to the voice of your soul.

Wear whatever you feel good in! In short, create your own flow. Everyone who reads that all of my books are about this, the reason why those who read experience miracles is to connect with this authenticity and the power that comes from the creature within! Act with your own mind in 2021, not with anyone’s mind! So choose to connect with yourself first with your feelings! This is why thousands of people who read my books go through miracles! They have the pleasure of being themselves and cannot give up on themselves, which means claiming their own servant right! Remember, when you claim your own servant right, you will experience miracles without the need for spiritual teachings!

That is now 2021 is the year to claim their own rights! Come on then do this study and confirm that you have chosen to live a miracle without suffering, and on Sunday grab your book, pencil, a pack of salt and the symbol I sent you, and come to my Youtube channel at 21:30. I’ll explain how to get your symbol at the end of the study ”Move somewhere where you will be quiet and alone. Light a candle and sit down with the candle in front of you. Write 555 with any pen or color if you can write on the candle, otherwise imagine it as if you are writing.

Feel the breath of your nose bringing the breath to the middle of both eyebrows and focus on the number 555 on my candle. When you get tired, breathe out, then hold again as much as you can and then let go. Continue in this way for 2/3 minutes and feel that your whole mind body is vibrating with the symbol I have sent you, adapting to the 555 frequency! Then repeat these sentences “My God, I came to you, I took refuge in you, you are my only surrogate. I intend to adapt to the energy of this symbol, which is my basic need for opening my mind, body, soul, and sealed to the 555 frequency. God, show me what is possible and what is possible for me to easily experience miracles in 2021 and for my prayers to be accepted.

Then focus on the flame of the candle and repeat the following: “God, in 2021, show me what is possible and what is possible for me to experience the most beautiful miracles for the sake of the whole.” Then close your eyes and focus on the three intentions you want the most to happen in 2021, feel that three more intentions appear in your mind like a candle flame, apart from the basic symbol I sent you. Imagine the child sitting in front of him and ask him the following question “Tell me what do you think I should do to easily experience miracles in 2021? Where should I start first? What does your heart say to you? What should I give up and spend more time on? Wait for the answer with your eyes closed. When the answer comes, open your eyes and finish the study. You can write the answers if you want. Remember, the answer will come from your heart, not your mind.


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