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Do You Really Know Your Own Value?

When you experience a leap of consciousness, you come closer to miracles and come to the same vibration. Life is dynamic! Nothing is fixed! You are always changing and developing! Watch your focus! As long as the vibration of the focus is in emotions such as love, compassion, compassion, you will experience jumps of consciousness. If you have positive emotions, you are experiencing jumps of consciousness in your life and everything is happening in the best version of yourself. When you start to value yourself, things quickly take the direction you want and your quantum leap begins to happen.

Picture yourself in the direction you are getting better every day. Imagine your life continuing to get better. Feel it is getting better for you, for everyone around you and for your future. Your future is never fixed; As you grow and do the inner work, your legacy grows. Come on then look at the sky and repeat this teaching ”I am a brave special person placed on this Earth to achieve something wonderful. I shine a very positive light on the world. I am here for unity, compassion, health, abundance, joy and love.

I reach deeper levels and allow all my dreams to come true. The most powerful thing I can do every day is to thank everything I have. And I promise myself that I will continue to thank every day because I know the biggest source of the leap of consciousness is to thank life.

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