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Green Clouds Swim in the Yellow Sea, Mom !!!

Green Clouds Swim in the Yellow Sea, Anneee !!
Little Sinem sees green clouds floating in the sea in her dream. When he wakes up in the morning, he begins to tell his mother with great excitement and fear:

  • Mother I was so scared lush clouds yellow… she was swimming in a sea! It was very different, Mom! I was playing with stones on the shore. Then a huge yellow wave came from that sea and it took me into the sea. I wish you were with me, I was very scared. Do you know? as if they had big mouths. The mother is in a hurry to be late for work and the day:

Don’t be silly girl come on have breakfast, you will be late for school. It cannot be either a green cloud or a yellow sea, he says and leave the room !!!

  • Little Sinem got to school on time, yes. However, in addition to his not being able to adequately listen to his lectures at school, his sense of incomprehension and fear grew even more. How many times during the day do you push them away from you without listening to your children?

Let your affairs be left unfinished, you will not lose anything. But don’t let your children grow up in front of your eyes without looking into their eyes, sharing their hopes, fears and excitement. Your children do not need parents as friends. They need parents whom he can trust and consult and model with. They don’t just need a lot of money, luxury homes, cars and private schools. What will be their goals, goals, dreams, and life experiences if you present everything ready to them and grow them comfortably and without responsibility? How will they learn about life? Life cannot be learned from textbooks, unfortunately. First of all, they need your warm hearts full of confidence and eyes that say “I am always with you”. Happiness is staying in balance; With love

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