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Happiness is Staying in Balance


You should be able to accept yourself as you are with your mistakes, with your mistakes. You cannot be happy without making peace with yourself and healing the inner child. Some of you may have a wounded child inside. The important thing is to hug and heal him. The wound doesn’t pull you to cause pain, it pulls you because a part of you is there. This part of you wants to reconnect with you. That’s when you will taste the real happiness. You can heal your inner child by making a decision now. You can become aware that you are not separate from the world, that the world is within you. All potentials are hidden within. I observe that people are generally unhappy, depressed, lacking in joy, enthusiastic, stuck. I see people going from place to place without knowing why they are doing so many things they do. In fact, everyone is trying to satisfy the injured child inside, whether they are aware of it or not. The injured boy wants to be healed now. Only you can cure it.

The moment you become friends with your inner child, all your pain will cease. Your hustle and bustle will end. The fountain of happiness will always start flowing from within you, from the infinite source. To be able to heal this child any time you want, knowing that you have the real strength, isn’t that great? I want to help all people I know I don’t know. I want everyone to wake up now. I want to cry out that happiness is within us, that we are all one, that we can take our power whenever we want. Stop blaming the people around you, take responsibility and integrate with your being. Let’s get together like pieces of a puzzle. I believe that only love can save the world, and that its way is to love yourself … Let’s not become selfish and exaggerate just enough to love yourself! Come to yourself okay, go back to the book. Okay, you are great. Just like that, life is a balance.

Happiness has become the main purpose of our lives. All our efforts are for him. Eating, drinking, traveling, having fun, earning money, spending time with our loved ones, trying to realize our hobbies, striving for a purpose, improving ourselves, etc. Beneath all of it is the happiness it gives us. Happiness is an individual mood. It is the intersection of mental, psychological and emotional elements. How we realize our experience affects our happiness more than what our experience is.

Among the other causes of unhappiness, I observe the following: very high expectations, relationships, being stuck with the past, financial problems, purposelessness, guilt feelings, feeling of worthlessness, inability to accept yourself as you are, seeing yourself apart from your environment, victim psychology and most importantly, happiness. Seeing as a feeling that should be experienced at any moment are some of them. Everyone’s explanation for the concept of happiness will be different in line with their expectations and life experiences. Everyone’s meaning is different to happiness. However, when we examine the concept of happiness, there are important points that apply to everyone. These; Being friends with yourself, accepting yourself as you are, accepting everything you experience, pursuing goals, focusing on the positive.

If we can look at happiness now from a broader perspective, we will see that happiness is staying in balance in life. What is staying in balance? Health, money, relationships, success, entertainment, love, physical environment and personal development is the ability of a person to be in balance. It is very important to maintain balance in our lives. For this, you must definitely improve your emotional intelligence. Life is based on pain and pleasure. People try to escape from pain and turn to pleasure. However, there are two emotions in life. Life cannot consist entirely of pleasure, nor is it entirely composed of pain. There are no values ​​such as good bad, beautiful ugly, right and wrong in life. It is entirely our mind that loads these meanings. What we are experiencing at that moment in life is what should be.

If we can accept what we have lived as it is, and if we can leave it flexible, the wind will blow and our branch will not break because we do not resist. Kemal, how much do you live with pleasure? Permanent movement, perpetual attraction, energy. Slow down a little, slow down, slow down a little bit. Just like that. It is to produce happiness. Living life without producing and improving oneself causes unhappiness. When the fallen leaves in autumn are considered as the end of productivity, a sadness occurs in nature and people; Whereas, nature, greening with spring, symbolizes productivity and brings out joy and a sense of life in people. Producing and sharing it is a reason for happiness. First, thank all you have, then make an intention for better tomorrows. Happiness is a way of thinking. We determine how we add happiness to our lives with the map we draw in our minds. Our new goals, goals, and the way we make sense of life are thought and the force that drives us.

“The most unhappy people in this world are those who obsess over what others think.”

– Lupytha Hermin

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