How Do I Adapt to the Vibration of Love?

Please pay attention to can, to match your vibration with the love you want. Remember that when two higher vibrational frequencies come together, they raise each other’s consciousness to a higher dimension and an incredible energy is released. In order for it to be a vibrational match, you must believe that it is possible to have what you want, and you must experience the feeling of that desire in all your cells. You cannot attract the love you want without making them happen. You should experience the same vibrant match with your desire for this love. If you want different works with much more detailed application that I will show you how to do it now, you can start and benefit from my books on this subject endlessly before I win.

I hope you are ready, let’s go to the love vibration you want then! Faith: Your Will Is The First Step To Becoming A Vibrating Match You Need To Really Believe That What You Really Want Is Possible For You. It’s no use just wanting to reveal something, but you also have to believe it’s possible by supporting it with these studies. So you must have a high belief that it will happen. Let’s do this exercise first to make sure you don’t have a counter-generative and self-sabotaging belief that will prevent you from turning into the same vibrating match with the love you want. Get up, close your eyes, breathe deeply from your nose, breathe this breath 10 times, then ask yourself the question “God, I came to you, I took refuge in you, you are the only surrogate I want to attract the love I want to myself or (if you have a relationship, my current relationship Please show me, do I allow at the subconscious level to reach this love vibration? Notice if the importance of your body goes back after you ask this question.

If it is going back then you are not ready, that means you are not allowing at the subconscious level. If you are going forward, you are allowing and you are ready. You can continue to work if your body has gone back then ask the question: “God, I choose to adapt to the love energy at the subconscious level so that my body goes forward. I now intend for my mind body soul balance to go where all the blockages belong and my energy rise to the love vibration I want. And feel the energy surge in your body and then ask the same question again and see if the importance of the body goes backwards and you see your body move forward. But if you have stubborn resistance, you can go back one more time, then you can repeat this work and see it clear. Now that your body has moved forward, you have successfully completed the first stage.

Let’s move on to stage 2. We continue to work standing still. Feeling that the child inside you is coming towards you, comes into your body and feels the vibration that has just gone forward and the child inside is attuned to this love energy. Come on now, rub your palms against each other in the middle of your two breasts and feel the heart of the child inside you beating with the love energy and then let the child inside you feel the love you want to live in all its cells, or feel that the relationship you want to heal heals in the mind body integrity. And finish the work by asking the question “What is possible for me to become this person from now on, how do I want to be remembered in my love life? I choose to open myself to the possible possibilities and live the love life I want. If I succeed in this, what will happen, God show me ”May love always be with you, my soul piece is so good that you exist.

Even while reading this work, your consciousness has risen in this direction. Come on, then write love with me under this post and confirm “

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