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I choose to be happy

– First to be happy; You have to choose to be happy and have the intention. Later, we must transfer the management from the chorus of our inner voices to the “bay (moment) happiness”.

Remember that happiness is a habit. You should make it a habit to be happy by thinking and dreaming often. Let your neurons create new pathways for happiness. Let “mister (moment) happiness” govern your mind and let your neurons skyrocket from happiness.

– Be thankful for what you have during the day. Be grateful for the presence of your spouse, your job, your children, your family.

– Desire to be happy right down to all your cells.

– Life consists of your thoughts. If you concentrate on worry, fear, anger, and failure thoughts, you cannot be happy. In such situations, immediately direct your thoughts to situations that make you happy. Body and mind are a whole. Putting your body upright and putting a smile on your face will save you from negative thoughts.

– You can buy many things with money. However, you cannot get happiness. Happiness is in your thoughts. It is also impossible for you to be happy without changing them.

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