It Won’t End Before I Win

No! The order was not broken, it was re-established … Nothing collapsed, there is only a lot that has changed, and every change rains on people with an eerie complexity, seemingly insoluble problems and endless anxieties …

The new order is not a threat, but an election …

Technological developments were not enough to protect human health, we faced this truth once again … Human health again depends on the laws of nature …

The new world teaches mankind a completely different discipline:

“Not to complain, to trust and to surrender to what is …”

The more complaints you deviate, the more gratitude you will be invited. You balance.

The new order teaches you to be grateful to all that you have ever complained about.

Maybe by shaking, maybe by hurt, maybe by slapping … Maybe by increasing the intensity until you understand …

Because the divine order has not given up on you. Life is just waiting for you to notice and deserve it.

Do not worry…

This story will not end until you win …

Because you were not born to lose. It does not benefit nature, the universe, or the divine system. You were created to deserve to win. So the system will always keep pushing you to win. Work so you know how to win. Life is not a reward, it is a right. Happiness and order are those who deserve life.

(From Publicity Bulletin)

Dough Type: 2. Dough

Number of Pages: 240

Size: 13,5 x 21

First Edition Year: 2020

Editions: 1st Edition

Language Turkish

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