Life Passes Torpedo to the Brave

Bircan Yıldırım, who has devoted herself to breathing and meditation techniques for many years, breaks all the molds with her book, Hayat Cesurlara Torpil Geçer. Preferring a narrative narrative different from ordinary personal development books, Yıldırım succeeds in attracting the attention of many readers.

The fiction, in which courage is treated as the main theme, invites its readers to think by taking an inner journey. The book, which includes breathing exercises in certain chapters, is also a therapy that the person can apply to himself. Enriched with Bircan Yıldırım’s plain and fluent narrative, this book offers a great example of courage to those who expect to fall on the edge of the abyss.

Dilhun’s Changing Life with Vaveyla and Logos

Dilhun, one of the main protagonists of the book, stands out as a character who is extremely devoted to his past, fails to add innovations to his life and cannot give up easily. Dilhun just broke up with her boyfriend Hakan. The sadness he experienced at first caused him to blame him and Hakan, then it was replaced by a terrible revenge plan. However, Dilhun is actually a character who has problems in all his bilateral relations. He needs to get out of his current situation and change, to discover himself and to recover.

Vaveyla character comes into play right here. One day he meets Dilhun on the beach. Walking alone and looking quite unhappy, Dilhun draws Vaveyla’s attention. Vaveyla is a character who has gone through the same path, but has managed to find the love in her. Dilhun will initially resist Vaveyla’s request for help. Once he is convinced, he will witness a tremendous change in himself. Because Vaveyla will enable him to find all the answers about Dilhun’s life with the questions he asks. Dilhun must now break all discouragement within him and reach true love. Because his meeting with Logos depends precisely on this.

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Dough Type: 2. Dough

Number of Pages: 256

Size: 13,5 x 21

First Edition Year: 2020

Editions: 1st Edition

Language Turkish

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