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He understood that the good, evil, beauty, ugliness, fear, love, wealth and poverty he saw in others were his own reflection from the depths of his consciousness suppressed. He had promised that by owning all his reflections, he would create the best version of himself in this world. Understanding that he was projecting his consciousness into the world, he chose to illuminate his dark world. He was freed from the growing sense of loneliness and his unabated silent cries. He devoted his next life to living as he wanted, feeling the love of the Creator in everything, passionately and without hesitation. He understood that by accepting the evil in himself, the good in the other, he could stop the war within. He was brave enough to take care of his light and shadow! He realized that his anger was hurting himself more than the person he was angry with. He was devoted to spreading the information in this book, which he believed would stop the war within, then all over the world! And “He”, one of us, was actually a reflection of all of us!

To all the hearts that dare to turn into the person they want to be, not unconsciously curious, but with conscious awareness …

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Dough Type: 2. Dough

Number of Pages: 208

Size: 13,5 x 21

First Edition Year: 2017

Editions: 1st Edition

Language: Turkish

Media Type: Paperback

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