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Let’s take a look at what we choose our partners according to the researches, what do you think? Women with vivid skin, glowing eyes, thick and shining hair, vivacious bodies, thick lips, pink cheeks generally attract men. This is not because of libertinage, vagrancy, or mere charm. These qualities are a sign of youth and good health. These characteristics are an indication that the woman is at the peak of her fertility period … The subconscious has come into play again and has activated the man. Women, on the other hand, choose their husbands on a different subconscious level. The contribution of men looking young to reproduction is not as basic as women. When choosing a mate, women instinctively pay attention to the following characteristics of the man: He will dominate the others, the share they will bring home from the hunt will be higher than the others. The dominant ability of the man, which will ensure the survival of the family, brings the woman closer to the man. The youth and physical appearance of a woman, as well as the strength and social status of the man are very effective in choosing a partner.

Even though biological factors have taken the leading role in the development of our tendencies towards love, we see that our primitive brain also steps in to fall in love. It enables us to survive in the best possible way and find the mates with whom we can sustain the generation. It scans and performs this process with the data in its data so quickly that I cannot pass without appreciating this diligence of the subconscious.

According to some psychological theories, when we choose a partner, we prefer people who are more or less equal. While we are in a “seek and find” position to find a partner for ourselves, we measure each other meticulously, just like company executives planning to establish a partnership, in terms of elegance, charm, financial status, and social class. According to some other psychological theories, we choose people who will glorify our self-image as spouses.

The decisive factor here is “What effect does being seen with this person have on my self-emotion?” is the question. We have far more distinctive appeal than these theories imply. In other words, while we are looking for a partner for ourselves, we are looking for a highly specific partner who has gathered a series of positive and negative personality traits under the influence of our internal compulsions. Now you understand, don’t you Efeci, why is Derya in his life?

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