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Not You, The Child Inside Is Lying

Not You, The Child Inside You Is Lying.

Ayşe, a 38-year-old nurse, is lying unknowingly looking into the eyes of others. Moreover, he needs to lie about things he believes to be right. Although he knew that when he told the truth, everything would be resolved, grasped, understandable and reliable, he could not prevent him from lying to himself, and he started to be very uncomfortable with this situation. I cannot express myself, this lying has come to such a point that I know that if I tell the truth of the question someone asked me, it is more logical and realistic than a lie. But what is happening to me and I need to lie right away, I don’t know? What was happening to Ayşe? Why did Ayşe need to lie even though she was right and there was nothing to lie about?

Because Ayşe had both the fear of rejection and the deep feeling of worthlessness. He felt that he did not deserve the many resources that were available to him in his life, and he immediately resorted to lies with a sense of worthlessness. He was not doing this consciously, he was doing this subconsciously crushed, repressed, injured child who grew up with a traumatic feeling of worthlessness. He was afraid of being misunderstood and the result would be a bad boy. You know? Sometimes Ayşe could not even say that she was hungry, thirsty or cold despite someone asking her. Even if he was starving or very thirsty, he said no, I was not open, I was thirsty, we can eat if you are hungry. You know why he couldn’t tell? He thinks he does not deserve it, he does not have the right to meet his natural needs.

The feeling of worthlessness has gone to the bone He says that his friend’s very badly cut hair is great, the screeching voice of the other is perfect, and the other’s unbecoming dress is great, because his fears of being ostracized and rejected are all gnawed. Sometimes he cannot make these explanations to his friends, although he has justified, logical explanations, and tries to find other new lies. Although he has a reasonable and sufficient reason that he cannot go to his birthday because of a headache, he needs to tell pink lies as if my guest came, in order not to be excluded or misunderstood. Do you really think these are pink and innocent lies? Of course not. Ayşe ignores her own truths in order to maintain her position in society and gain acceptance.

Isn’t it a kind of lie to endorse everything, seem like everything, or not take sides sometimes? in the flow of life. It is necessary to confront Ayşe with the injured child inside, reconcile, hug her, heal her and accept her as she is. Otherwise, his sense of worthlessness and unworthiness of life will create many blockages and lead to physical ailments. These seemingly innocent lies are one of those that hurt us the most. Let’s not forget that a single lie to be accepted immediately opens the door to an infinite number of lies. It must not be easy to live with so many lies. You can save the day with innocent lies, but living in a virtual world based on lies is actually the hardest. Regardless, there is only one of you and you are very precious. Just remember that you don’t have to live with this feeling of worthlessness and you can change a lot the moment you decide to change. If you don’t have a stance on this life, you can’t go beyond just living the lives of others. When the time comes, change will knock on your door. With love

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