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Many people do not live. I’m not talking about their hearts stopping or whether they are breathing anymore. They are upset that they have no reason to live and therefore seem to have surrendered their souls. When you go to work by metrobus, metro, bus or car, when you go to a business meeting, you will see that most of the people you see are no different from the dead. These people, whom I call the living dead, can appear in all areas of life and in every corner of the world. Anybody can be urban villagers, educated and uneducated, rich or poor. Think of the crowd gathering on Istiklal Avenue aiming for just a few hours of happiness. Imagine how much money and time is spent on every kind of pleasure each year. So does this work? Do you think we are really happy? I recently did something that I have been curious about and wanted to do on a sunny day. On a Saturday, when the weather was nice, I sat in a cafe in Beyoğlu where I could easily see the faces of people passing by on İstiklal Caddesi. I examined the faces of about 200 people passing by. As I guessed, the number of people with a smile on their faces was quite low! I know many lonely people who suffer. Recently, on a fascinating trip to the bays of Marmaris by ship, I realized that the number of really happy and smiling people was very low, once again I was surprised. Such beautiful beaches, all the generosity of nature, exaggerated treats and pampering seemed to mean nothing to most passengers. However, I shouldn’t have been surprised by that. Because people always make the same mistake.

They think of happiness as a continuous process. However, happiness cannot be continuous. Happiness enters human life in cross-section. Loving a child, a signature moment of success, a sweet memory, etc. However, whenever the individual thinks that this process should continue, the problem starts there. We must change the meaning we attribute to happiness. Happiness flows in and out of our life in waves. We have to stop trying to constantly experience the same euphoric wave state. Happiness is offered to people in such a way! It is as if behind high mountains can be reached with great effort, and when reached, it will always remain there. No such thing. Everyone has experienced moments of happiness in their lives. Happiness is not just a magic place or emotion to be reached behind Kafdağı. Happiness is knowing the future of happiness and being aware that you can go as it comes. We cannot experience true peace and happiness without changing our perception.

Seda, you know, I learned something very nice from you. You got a free concert ticket while your mother was undergoing cancer treatment It was a concert you wanted to go to a lot, but you were guilty of your mother’s illness. Then you solved the problem yourself and said: “My mom’s condition is getting worse, yes. I know that. However, I do not know how long this process will take. I am now deciding to go to the concert. When the time comes to be sad, I will be sad anyway! If I am very upset already, I will not have the strength to take care of my mother and myself. ” I was so impressed by this solution

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