Soul Mates in Mythology

Aristophanes, who lived in the 4th century BC, explains love with a mythological legend: “When humans were created, they were very powerful creatures with four arms, four legs, two faces on one head, hermaphrodite (Hermes / Aphrodite) and one soul. Because they were self-sufficient and very powerful, they made all kinds of exuberance and neglected to honor gods. One day Zeus got very angry with these things and he divided the people into two; one side was male and the other was female The pieces that were divided into two were so scared that they hugged each other. The gods thought that this would not be the case, and sprinkled their bodies to different parts of the world in the infinity of space, in a chaotic order like leaving stars from a sack. That day, the pieces that were halfway now searched for their other halves to be completed. When they find it, there is only one soul, so that the gods take them back to heaven … “

The concept known today as “soul mate or soul mate” is based on this legend.

This is the legend, but do people really have a soulmate? This question has been discussed in many civilizations and cultures throughout history. Although there is no tangible information about its reality, everyone believes in a soul mate.

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