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The Importance of Awareness in Daily Life

We’ve been hearing the word awareness more and more lately. But what exactly is awareness? Being aware means roughly controlling your mind. It is to direct your mind to where you want and hold it there. Living in the moment, that is, being conscious and awake, means being aware in everyday life. No entity other than us and the subject that requires our attention can exist while living in the present. It means integrating with the issues I am interested in, it is awareness. In this case, duality leaves its place to uniqueness. There is a frightening loneliness now. People generally find peace and trust in abundance. The individual thinks that there are many beings who protect, protect and love him. Sometimes, even if the people in the multitude criticize and judge the individual or attack his or her self, the individual cannot be separated from the crowd. Because he is afraid of being alone with himself in the silence of loneliness. He does not want to face his masks. In the moment there is uniqueness and this situation makes most people uncomfortable. Human beings living in dwarf fish do not need to develop. He can continue his life as a child with beings who constantly protect and love him. Living in a crowd can foster a sense of trust as well as prevent an individual from developing awareness. In order for the individual to understand the reasons for his own existence, he must confront himself, that is, stay alone. It is so important to be able to see oneself with objective and naked eyes, without being affected by the memories of the past or the dreams of the future, that once this look, this stance is achieved, it is not possible to give up once the reality is tasted. Being aware of everything in the moment, that is, being awake, is a state of sharp consciousness and has an insatiable taste of its own. My dear, I feel like you’ve exaggerated this awareness thing a little bit. You are trying to clear all the pebbles in your life. Let some of them stay. When you say I’m cleaning the pebbles, you can’t see the flowers on the side of the road, are you aware? Remember, nobody trips over the rock. Don’t worry about them when you say I will collect the stones. Shake it a little bit. You take yourself and your thoughts very seriously. Is it clear? My dear!

Don’t you want to be able to control every new situation you encounter instantly, to grasp it immediately, to do what is necessary, then to get out of that feeling or that state of consciousness and go to a new state? But beyond the effect and reaction, one needs to get rid of expectations and obsessions in order to be aware of the situation. This is where we all struggle. To be aware is to grow up in moments, like photographs taken frame by frame. Living in constant awareness means knowing what is inside because one sees the world outside according to one’s own state of mind. When one is sad, the world outside looks very different than when it is happy.

One of my counselors mentioned that some days students made him crazy. When I said what they were doing differently than other days to annoy you so much, he thought a lot and couldn’t answer. When I said, “How was your state of mind in those days? Then yeah I guess the days when I’m always nervous their moves me

he said more irritating, angering. The moment he accepted that his conflicts were not caused by his students but by his own thoughts, he found himself in a new life cycle. As a person who loves his profession and wants to continue this job for years, he could now better understand that he should try to leave his problems at home as much as possible and start his day more realistically.

Living in the present is the ability to focus one’s thoughts on the moment. Moment is an indivisibly short part of time. The best time to enjoy it is when we live.

How is your inner world? Be careful. Focus your attention on your physical feelings. How do you feel your breath? Is it strong, light, calm, fast or slow? What is the degree of strain and contraction in your muscles? How is your stance? Is your spine straight and comfortable, or is it pressed and bent? Do you have automatic behaviors such as locking your chin, holding your breath, pulling your chin out, an artificial smile or scowling eyebrows? Check your entire size. Just pay attention and watch your body. Now focus your attention on your current thoughts. Are your thoughts in the direction of judgment, sadness? Are you thinking about the past or the future? What narrative do you have about what is happening now, what is the meaning? Do you feel connection or loneliness, trust or anxiety, hope or surrender? What is your dominant emotion? What thoughts automatically cross your mind? Just pay attention and watch. Can you feel the connection between your body and your thoughts? Okay, Ece, don’t overdo it. Return to life. Hello, we’re here. That’s enough to watch yourself! Nobody is constantly negative or positive, and that’s not our purpose. It is even a great success to realize that you are in feelings and thoughts that you do not like and that you realize your situation. That’s why it is very important to make it a habit to look carefully at the situation you are in. Trust! The most important thing is that you can embrace life with both hands after you have created the consciousness to control your situation.

Most people don’t have a “adjust their thoughts button”. Since they live with negative and unwarranted thoughts, they are constantly in a state of struggle or numbness. But even knowing that you no longer have to live this way will make you very comfortable. Your happiness does not depend on the right conditions. Everything depends on you. It does not depend on his spouse or uniqueness. You can create your own happiness. The magic components are in your hands.

If we consider children, children cannot separate the time period in which they live as past future. For them there is only now. A child who is caught up in the game doesn’t think about the past or the future. While my primary school client was doing his homework, he asked his mother for permission to see if my mother was bored. With the permission, these five minutes would never end. After a long time, his mother would warn him, and he said that it was not five minutes yet. He was so caught up in cartoons that he never realized how five minutes passed. That’s why his mother was so angry at him. While he was telling me about his mother, he always talked about the time he and his mother argued. Do you think her mother would still show the same attitude if she knew that the children were always living in the present?

We must turn the moment we live into beautiful moments, rather than being our psychological enemy. Many people are not even aware of the water they drink, the air they breathe, the taste of a bite in their mouth. It is only concerned about meeting its needs. When your thoughts are in other time zones, you cannot enjoy many things you do, you lose awareness. Time is just a tool that we need to use to organize our work and be aware of events. The time

We must manage to maintain order and control the events happening around us. Plants and animals don’t care about time. They just exist. People want to know the time, so they want to make sure they can catch the bus to get home and catch up with the program on TV. So, will we never be running around or be too comfortable to get things done? Are we going to behave very slowly as we wish and say “It doesn’t matter when I go to school, bank or office,” and take our responsibilities whenever we want? Of course not. A slow-moving student might miss an exam, miss a passenger plane, or miss an important appointment. So how are we going to behave? We have to do our work while enjoying the moment we live in. Not with stress, not boredom.

The world is not just a place to do the things we love. This must first be accepted. In order to survive and achieve success, we will also have some responsibilities that we will have to do without loving. The important thing is to be able to do them with love by turning them into entertainment. We can never reach the life cycle we want by just trying to do the things we love. It is important to be present while doing our responsibilities or doing what we need to do as soon as possible. While you are running around, racing with time, while you are in trouble with the jobs you have to raise, your child’s tooth will come out, you will take the first steps, you will miss the blooming of a flower, the beauty of the rainbow after the rain, and the smell of the soil. Whatever you do, no matter how fast you are, don’t miss the awareness of the moment in you. But without exaggeration, to your dose!

There is a spiritual vacuum in billions of people in our world today. However, a person who fills his heart with conscious belief and manages his mind can eliminate the spiritual gap within. If you want to live your life more beautiful and meaningful, you must learn to manage your mind and fill yourself with conscious positive beliefs. Thus, you will feel more joyful in life and enjoy more in life. If you look around you, people who live enthusiastically and energetically for a long time have strong positive beliefs and live in the present by controlling their minds. They enjoy every moment they live in and have a very good awareness. They live neither in the past nor in the future.

If you feel that your energy is running out, your joy of life is diminishing, that you do not enjoy life enough, why not the negative thoughts in your mind?

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