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The Importance of Being Concentrated

Concentrating is the psychological meaning of living the present while working. In other words, concentrating is the ability to concentrate on a task by gathering thoughts at the same point. The attention of a person who concentrates on something is maximized. Attention is the light of the mind, it guides the mind. If you are doing a job with all your energy and attention, you are experiencing the present in your thoughts. One should focus all his attention on what he is doing. A person who works like this goes into what he is doing, almost passing out. The idea of ​​time and space disappears in him. We must learn to focus all our attention on what we do. This is the secret to efficiency and to enjoying the work done. Consciousness focusing only on the work is called “Zen Continuity” in Eastern teaching. There’s a good Zen story about it.

Two Zen dervishes were chatting by a river. One of them said, “My master can cross this river by walking.” The other Zen dervish said, “Is that something too? When my master is eating, he just eats; sitting, he just sits; In prayer, he only pray! ” said. Learning to focus thoughts on the same point requires multidisciplinary work. After all, this is the most important difference between insanity and genius. The thoughts of the madman are in the extreme and they are very messy. The thoughts of the genius are at the same point, gathered in a center. Concentration is essential in any job. For example, concentrating on a sincere intention. Man feels the warmth of his heart with his entire existence in a fully concentrated intention. Living the present is very important for both efficiency and happiness.

You start the path of awareness where you are, then over time virtue, awareness, and wisdom gain strength step by step through effort and skill. You feel happier and more loving. According to some traditions, the emergence of these features from our nature that we already have is the enlightenment of our mind and body for some.

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