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The Importance of Breathing in Preschool Period

The Importance of Breathing in Preschool: Children in life have largely completed their cognitive, physical and social development by the age of 6. The most crucial point of this period is the formation of 700 new neuron connections in the brain every second in the first 6 years of life. 70% of intelligence development in a child is completed by the age of 7, and learning skills develop at this age. The role of the pre-school period in establishing education on solid foundations and in the success of people in advanced ages has been scientifically proven. The deviations and negativities in this period affect the whole life of the child negatively.

While our children breathe in the most perfect form when they are born, unfortunately, at the age of 4-5, their breathing habits begin to deteriorate due to the familial and social pressures and fears that have been built on them consciously or not. In this process, they lose their diaphragmatic breathing and the habit of breathing through the nose, and they become unable to fully benefit from our most basic life source. Over time, they start to use upper respiration (sympathetic system), which causes many negative effects such as stress, panic attacks, anxiety, anxiety, learning disorder, depression, unhappiness. On the other hand, they can completely abandon upper breathing and start using only diaphragmatic breathing. In this case, they can develop symptoms such as an increase in weight, inability to enjoy life, obesity, attention disorder.

By reminding our children to breathe correctly during the 0-7 age period when the subconscious is formed, it is possible to ensure that enough oxygen is taken into the body to meet the energy of physical bodies, that their organs are better nourished, and their emotions and thoughts are controlled. Re-coding the “correct breathing” skill in our children’s subconscious at these young ages is an important work that can take them one step further in life.

  • What Does Learning “Breathing Correctly” and Breathing Techniques Provide to Our Children: What do our children gain to breathe correctly and learn Breathing Techniques?
  • Ensuring that enough oxygen to meet the energy of the physical body is taken into the body and its organs are better nourished.
  • Control anger, anxiety, stress,
  • To be able to understand and express their emotions more clearly,
  • Reducing anxiety in the adaptation process to school
  • Minimizing attention deficit & concentration impairment
  • Minimizing exam excitement and anxiety in school-age children,
  • Minimizing sleep disorders
  • Increased self-confidence

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