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The Importance of the Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy in Relationships

According to other studies, our mate selection takes place in a different process. Let’s examine this very enjoyable and entertaining point of view.

The masculine energy is not only for the man, and the feminine energy for the woman. There is both masculine and feminine energy in every man and woman. Come on, you say! Yes I am Narcissus. How many times have I told you why do you still say come on? Sometimes I can’t understand you either. You are forcing me …;)

Many of us have difficulties in our “relationships with the opposite sex” and we always have the same problems. Some of us think that the problem stems from the person we encounter, some of us blame their parents, others say this is my destiny and admit. The main reason is that our own masculine energy is not in balance and we cannot use it correctly. If we are fully aware of these energies and keep them in balance, we will achieve inner integrity. People who have not been able to balance their masculine feminine aspects will inevitably have problems with their relationships. Somewhere the fate of our relationship is hidden in the masculine energy balance within us.

Before going into the details of masculine and feminine energy, we need to understand this part well. Everything has two inseparable opposing poles: the “yin” pole and the “yang” pole. Where there is yin and yang polarization, where there is movement born and it is continuous. In other words, the presence of the other without one is not enough to create or create movement. And one always has the other inside. Of light and heat in the night; the presence of cold and shadows in the daytime; male in female appearance and female in male appearance; solution of every problem; your love, fear; action of inertia; Just like the defense contains the attack … The small opposing colored circles inside the Yinyang sign also describe this feature.

There is both masculine and feminine energy in all of us. Just as we have testosterone in our physical bodies, and estrogen hormone in men … While the female side inspires an artist, the masculine side takes action and pours that inspiration into the canvas. Recognizing both our masculine and feminine energies and nurturing the strengths of both will allow us to navigate much easier in life.

The aspects of receptivity, nurturing, calmness, sensitivity, expressing and developing emotion and intuition of women predominate. In the past, many women have suppressed their self-confidence, participation in action, reasoning, decision-making authority, abilities. Similarly, men have become symbols of masculine energy. They have developed their ability to act powerful, direct, competitive, aggressive and assertive. Many men, unlike women, have opted to suppress and deny feelings of intuition, emotion, tenderness, and nurturing. Because these were not a situation that the societies of that time would respect and accept with understanding. Masculine energy is hot, it initiates movement and events. It is the party that takes the first step, takes responsibility, is self-confident, brave, curious, investigative, and can put itself forward.

The masculine energy governing the left brain misses the “awareness” consciousness through constant questioning rather than focusing on the “moment”. They object to most things, they are power-oriented. Those with dominant masculine energy often look for the blame in others, they are harsh, they have trouble saying yes, they are selfish, they are closed to change, they see love as weak. They are linear, analytical, strategic and practical. When their masculine energy is constrained, they become tense and angry. Feminine energy is cold. Feminine energy directed towards the right brain is our emotional, creative, intuitive and inspirational side. Passion is the experience of taste and feeling, action and art. Feminine energy is the source of creative energy that affects the universe from within. It is also the wisest and deepest part of us.

People with dominant feminine energy are focused on love. They live for others rather than oneself, they are compliant, altruistic and understanding, they run away from power. People with a dominant feminine energy blame themselves for failures in relationships or any failure they experience, and they treat themselves unfairly. Because they don’t trust themselves. Like masculine energy, they do not resist change, they are easy to change. Because they cannot say no and they are very giving, they put their own lives in the second plan, they usually live for others.

In our ancestral culture, we use our masculine energy not to balance and express our female intuition, but to suppress and control it. It is equally present in both sexes, more prominently on the outside in males and inside with finer detail in females. This male type, which comes from our patriarchal culture, is the part of us that does not want to give up control. The female is afraid of our side and does not want to surrender to the power of the universe. This part of us, who is afraid of losing our individual identity, resists at all costs and clings to individuality and separation. He is almost afraid of losing himself. Here women uterine fibroids, cysts; One of the biggest causes of prostate, which is the biggest problem of men, is the suppression of this creativity. Come on guys! You have received the message that you have to do. To work! Now is the time for change and action. I don’t know anyone who would say nothing has changed in my life after reading this book. Trust even you will change, you will see … :) You will surprise everyone. Come on, trust, surprise us! Come on then it’s time to act !!!

Modern life has changed the relationship between men and women as well as everything else. Being away from nature, metropolitan life, social change, change in the business world of women, individual change, the difficulty of living conditions, the competitive environment of the business world and many other factors have created changes in the energy balance of men and women. This inevitably reflected negatively on relationships.

In order for the feminine energy within you to be in balance by integrating with each other, the masculine must be balanced, and the feminine must be in balance for the masculine energy to be in balance. The concept of balance, which we have always talked about with great importance, is also very important here. As a woman, when you realize the female inside you and fondly balance it, you can only choose the right man. Thus, you help balance the energy of the man in your existing relationship. Again, as a man, when you notice the masculine in you and fondly balance them, you can only attract the right woman.

A woman with extreme masculine energy often attracts a male with feminine energy into her life. On the other hand, a man with extreme feminine energy will usually attract a woman with masculine energy. In such a situation, if they integrate by balancing the masculine and feminine energies, the union will continue. If there is no integration, problems in the relationship will be inevitable. For example, a woman with extreme masculine energy will want to see the male power and support after a certain period of time. When a man who uses less masculine power is together with a woman with extreme masculine energy, after a while the man will want to see the love and affection of the woman.
A woman who complains about her husband’s excessive passivity is actually complaining of her own excessive masculinity. A man who talks about his wife being overly directive and involved in her business is actually talking about her own extreme femininity. If this is not realized and balancing and integration is not achieved, the relationship will either end or the person will try other relationships to balance.

When the male and female energies are balanced in relationships, the union becomes more harmonious and whole. The first thing a man and woman should do in order to feel FULL and FULL is to recognize and balance the masculine and feminine energy, namely yin and yang, within themselves. Once it comes to balance, now the woman attracts a male suitable for the masculine in her life, and the male takes the woman to reflect the female energy in her life. (For this, I shared a powerful technique for you in the applications section of my book.)

In recent years, women can bring their masculine energy to the extreme and carry their relationship to the extreme, with the ability to survive in business life, to be strong due to the competitive environment, intense work pace, and to act. Again, with the reflection of changing social structures on the business world and social life of women, the feminine energy in the man can shift to the extreme.

Please, if you are having problems in your relationship, or if you are constantly attracting the same type of people and becoming unhappy, evaluate your relationship from this aspect. Review your energies that may be dominant and extreme in your relationship and describe your energy. Selma, the fact that you can play your roles in life so carefully astounds me every time. How are you really doing this so neatly? You can be a great cook in the kitchen, a complete parent in the nursery, a boss at a desk, a child in the park. You didn’t tell me, but I think you have a total sensual Selma in your bedroom. It doesn’t run away from me, don’t hide it, come on !!!

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