The Role of Our Subconscious in Choosing a Partner

The concern of the subconscious is to protect itself. Once alarmed, the subconscious constantly asks the familiar question that has been asked since ancient times: “Am I safe?”

Your subconscious behaves differently from the new brain while working to fulfill its task of keeping you safe. One of the very important differences between them is that the subconscious gives the impression that it has only a blurred awareness of the outside world. Unlike the new brain (cortex), which originates from the direct perception of external phenomena, the subconscious gets its data from images, symbols, and thoughts produced by the new brain. Thus, it reduces its data to extremely general categories. For example, a woman who tries to maintain an unhappy and uneasy marriage is now subconscious even if her husband is cheating on her. Ah ah! Hope here is everything I want to tell you. How complete is life like the pieces of the puzzle, right? Well you learned the whole truth. What do you intend to do now? Will you make new decisions in your life?

Again, according to some scientific research results; What we look for when choosing our mate is that the people who raise us have the dominant personality traits. Our subconscious, whose awareness of the outside world consists of a blurry image, is trying to recreate our childhood environment. The reason our subconscious is trying to re-enact the past is a necessary necessity for healing childhood wounds. Again, according to the research, the main reason you fall in love with your spouse is quite interesting. You are not in love with your spouse being young and beautiful, having an impressive job. The main reason you fall in love is that your subconscious is confusing your spouse with your parent. Your subconscious believes that you have finally found the ideal candidate to heal the spiritual and emotional traumas of your childhood.

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