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Tips for Awareness in Everyday Life

Here are some examples of behaviors that can support you in every day awareness:

Slow down.
Talk less.
Do only one job at a time as far as you can, and do not have to do several jobs at a time.
Focus on your breathing in your daily activities.
Model a calm person into yourself. Take a calm role.

Take a few minutes while you eat and think about where this dish comes from, for example, if you focus on the wheat in a slice of bread, think about that wheat grain growing and sprinkling in the fields, separating the harvest from the stalk, grinding it into flour, loaves entering the bakeries, placing it in the oven before it comes to your plate. It is possible to take this kind of thinking pretty far in a matter of seconds. Similarly, you can think of the people who worked on the same wheat grain, tools, technologies, even ancestors who learned to domesticate and grow wheat over time.

Simplify your life. For greater happiness, you can abandon small pleasures.

If not fully awake, the brain cannot be aware of what is happening around, and if a person does not get enough sleep, it will have difficulty in developing awareness. Therefore, trying to pay attention to something while tired is very difficult.

Be the awareness itself. As your awareness gets stronger, you will gradually turn into awareness itself. Awareness is like a screen, and mind objects are images on this screen.

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