Twelve Months in the Shadow of a Narcissus – Fikret Yıldırım

Twelve Months in the Shadow of a Narcissus Book Description

A man who believes he has superior virtues… He finds himself worthy of the best of everything…

It is almost a monument of power… Admirable, attractive and charming… From the outside, perhaps many women would like to have a man… However, a woman in love who is doomed to live under the shadow of this strong narcissistic character is not possible to remain like herself.
It is the novel of the personality struggle of a young woman who is trapped in the grip of a narcissistic man who grinds and destroys the personalities, values, uniqueness and assets of the people in her life and is gradually losing her power.

Dr. Written by Fikret Yıldırım, this book is, in one sense, the anatomy of narcissism, which is considered the disease of the age. It is the confrontation of two people in love with each other, the traumas that they think of as love.

You will read how narcissism is seen in human life both in the story and you will find the general notes of the information conveyed throughout the story compiled in the last section.

Dough Type: 2. Dough

Number of Pages: 168

Size: 13,5 x 19,5

First Edition Year: 2020

Editions: 1st Edition

Language; Turkish

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